About Us

Established in 2004, ROCMEP offers a complete MEP solution throughout the UK. Contractors and developers benefit from our collaborative approach, where we
bring together people, projects, and processes to redefine the traditional construction narrative, delivering better buildings that are fit for the future.

Our dedicated Senior Leadership Team is united by a shared commitment to excellence, a passion for innovation, and a drive to provide the highest quality of MEP solutions.

Our Mission | To be the company of choice

We place people front and centre. We listen to ideas from stakeholders, and we learn from one another, communicating freely and honestly. This collaborative approach allows us to set higher standards to deliver sustainable construction methods.

We focus on building trusted, long-term relationships. Our growing client base of top contractors and developers choose to partner with us on multiple projects; they value our honesty, professionalism and collaborative approach.

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Our Values

These values are the core of the business which we live by


Commit and Deliver

At every stage of the project lifecycle, we commit to delivering high-quality. We believe that successful delivery is built on strong and committed relationships.

I Have Your Back

We inspire trust in our clients and each other. Teamwork, partnerships and collaboration are central to all that we do.

Achieve something everyday

When individuals and teams are aligned, goals are achieved through consistency. Accountability, contribution, and job satisfaction is the natural result.

Belief In Our Product

The belief in our product is what drives our quality. Our people, processes, and systems are what makes us the contractor of choice.


Why Choose ROCMEP?

People choose us because they trust us

Our long-standing relationships with clients result from our continual focus on collaboration, integrity and honest communication. These foundations allow us to build long-term mutual relationships that we do not take for granted.

Our clients can trust that we will get on with the job and create the bespoke M&E solutions they need to bring their project to life, achieving their commercial objectives and delivering environmental outcomes.

Our long history with our clients means they can always rely on us to find the ideal solution.

Our biggest strength is our people

Our people are our greatest asset. We listen. We learn. We communicate. We innovate.

Here at ROCMEP, we never stop learning. Fresh technologies are constantly being developed, and there are always new methods to try. Every project we work on teaches us something new, and we bring this wealth of expertise to the table. We encourage our people to break down barriers, share ideas, and experiment with new ways of working that can deliver exceptional outcomes.

We excel at working together. When we collaborate as a team with our clients and their stakeholders, we flourish.

Making MEP accessible to emerging talent

We are committed to nurturing young talent. Through our early careers programme, ‘Making MEP Work for Everyone’, we support school leavers and graduates and enable them to make the most of new opportunities and learn new skills. We are leading new conversations and working tirelessly to show that a career in MEP is attractive, inclusive, and accessible to all.

We are dedicated to producing high-quality work

At ROCMEP, we do not solely rely on tried and tested processes. We are always pushing the limits to create better buildings. Together, we can unlock the potential of what we can achieve from cutting-edge mechanical and electrical engineering solutions. Through our collaborative processes, we make buildings that are fit for the future, environmentally responsible and enable you to make commercial savings whilst also delivering on your sustainability promises.



“Client satisfaction is our top priority. The ROCMEP team are professional, friendly, honest and are able to handle any size of project for all types of contracting work in a variety of sectors. We are known throughout the industry for our professional approach, reliability and straightforwardness.”Declan Roche, Founder and Director

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