Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Built on trust, skills and leadership.

ROC are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of Health, Safety and Welfare for our employees, workforce and other parties. We ensure that the required training, resources and control measures are in place to minimise risks and maximum H&S on every project.

We are regularly audited by several industry-leading accreditation and award bodies, and we’re proud to be certified to ISO45001 Health & Safety Management standards.

Safety doesn’t just end when we hand over our projects: our delivery models ensure that installations are built to last and are future proofed for the end-user.


Our Health & Safety Principles

Quality and Health & Safety go hand in hand on any project, which is why we have a set of H&S Principles to keep everyone safe; guiding us to deliver a strong H&S culture for the business and our partners. Our teams know following these commitments enable us to achieve our H&S goals and aspirations.

View our H&S Principles

H&S Principles Handbook



Our success is a direct result of having the best people in place to work on your projects, that’s why it’s extremely important that our people are healthy, happy, and know their well-being is a priority to us.

We provide extensive Healthcare Cover and a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme to all employees, giving them access to professional support 24/7.  Whether it’s a physical illness, financial crisis or work-related issues, our employees know they have the support whenever it is needed.

Mental Health

We are committed to breaking down the associated stigmas about mental health by normalising the conversation and creating awareness, through internal and external communications, tool-box-talks, charitable events and fundraising.

We have professionally trained Mental Health First Aiders across our teams and we are working with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity to help raise awareness across the industry and improve the welfare and wellbeing of the construction community. As of 2023, 20% of our PAYE staff are officially Mental Health First Aid trained; this accomplishment reflects our unwavering commitment to creating a supportive and empathetic work environment.