Introducing ROC’s New SAFE Logo: A Commitment to Safety for all

We have proudly launched our new SAFE Health & Safety branding campaign, with our SHEQ Manager, Steve Boyle, leading the initiative. The SAFE logo is more than just a visual update—it’s a bold statement about our unwavering commitment to safety in the construction industry, a sector where vigilance and precaution are paramount.

Below, Steve delves into the purpose, vision, and impact of this significant initiative aimed at reinforcing our commitment to safety:

Q1. What is the purpose of ROC’s new safety branding?

Steve: The SAFE logo symbolises ROC’s commitment and dedication to providing a harm-free environment for everyone; from our support staff to our installation teams to those in society who will go on to live and work in the buildings and spaces that we have been part of creating.

By displaying the logo on our walls and clothing, we are giving each of us the mark of approval in challenging each other and accepting positive criticism and feedback to create a safer workplace and society..

Q2. What do you want everyone to think about when they see the SAFE logo?

Steve: The underlying message and intention with the SAFE logo is to get everyone thinking about how our actions impact those who rely on us and our colleagues and friends. If we’re being unsafe or allowing unsafe situations to continue, then there could be horrendous consequences that have more deeper and far-reaching repercussions than what we see in front of us.

When I’m on site, I want my team to not only see me but to also see my family, my friends and even themselves and how they all would be affected by me being hurt or injured.

Q3. Can you elaborate on how the message behind the logo will help ROC to provide a safer society?

Steve: Whilst one major objective is to create safe and healthy environments in the here and now during construction and in our off-site workplaces, another objective is to provide high-quality realms, and this is done by creating an awareness that our actions today will have a wider impact on those who will inhabit and use our buildings and spaces in the future.

We should all be immensely proud in contributing to society in providing safe places for others; whether it’s to live, work, learn, get healthy or just relax. We expect the same for our family; so, should we not strive to do the same for everyone else?

This launch is an exciting milestone for ROC, highlighting the critical importance of safety in our industry.

Our newly branded workwear and resources, now rolled out across all our sites, symbolizes our dedication to maintaining the highest safety standards.

Together, we can create a safer and healthier environment for everyone.

Pictured above during a site visit to St John’s hill Project, from left to right:
Declan Roche, Founding Director
Kevin West, Project Manager (St John’s Hill)
Steve Boyle, SHEQ Manager
Lee Robson, Project Director
James Lambden, Project Manager (St John’s Hill)