Data Centres

M&E contractors for Data Centres

Data centres are a complex system of systems that contain everything from enterprise servers to cooling equipment, thus this requires an immense amount of energy to keep them running.

As a fully accredited national M&E contractor, our approach to data centres focuses on reducing our energy and carbon footprint. We are committed towards working to net zero emissions.

ROCMEP possess an in-depth understanding of client’s challenges, risks and commercial objectives. We ensure that we collectively work with project partners across all construction stages, from site selection and evaluation through to testing, commissioning, and completion.

As a proven M&E contractor, we believe that data centres must be designed and built for resilience, efficiency, and security. With our in-house knowledge and vast experience in data centre projects, we can provide support for our client’s in navigating the complexity of a project from planning to delivery, including new build facilities and the upgrade or expansion of existing data infrastructure.

Our scope of M&E contracting services on data centre projects ranges from all aspects including critical cooling system installations, boilers and dry air coolers.

Why choose ROCMEP for your Data Centre Projects?

• A Data Centre project team with technical expertise and knowledge to advise on all aspects of the project.

• An efficient supply chain to help deliver projects on time and in budget.

• A strong knowledge and practise of Health, Safety and Environmental risks on all Data Centre projects that we work on. (Including contingencies and risk mitigation strategies)