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Creating buildings that meet changing expectations and increased connectivity

Over the last 20 years, the education sector has changed beyond recognition. Electrical infrastructures must support the increasing technology usage in a learning environment, while classroom designs must be flexible enough to accommodate increased class sizes.

We enjoy the challenge presented by the education industry. Structures must be future-proof and environmentally friendly while simultaneously maintaining a warm and welcoming environment that encourages new generations to develop a love of learning.

We do not lose sight of the fact that these buildings are places where the end-user experience is key.

Schools are places where ambition is nurtured, and where young people can be given hope that anything is possible.

That’s why we welcome input from teaching staff and other educational professionals as part of our people-centric communication approach. Our unique construction ecosystem allows us to consider different perspectives from people who may not traditionally involved in construction projects. But by listening to their thoughts and understanding what they need the building to be able to do, we can create something special for younger generations.

Understanding the unique needs of schools and colleges

Our team at ROCMEP has worked on numerous educational projects, including Alperton Community School and Shoreham Academy. We are aware of the specific requirements for primary schools and how they may vary from those for secondary schools, colleges, and university buildings. We have also worked on projects for dedicated SEND schools, and we understand the specific challenges involved in creating inclusive, accessible and secure buildings.

Our dedication to delivering sustainable and environmentally friendly projects extend beyond protecting the environment; they can also result in significant cost savings. This is important in the educational sector, where every penny counts.

Our educational projects need to give educational clients a certainty over cost, and we can use different techniques to deliver exceptional performance along with significant cost savings.

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Alperton Community School

Client: NG Bailey

Contract Value: £870,000

As part of a new educational development, Alperton Community School benefited from a new four-storey building that included a new dining hall and two external courtyards. Designed by Nicholas Hare Architects, the building featured clear, efficient circulation wrapping.

NG Bailey hired us to work on the project so we could set up the electrical framework for the new construction. To create a custom M&E solution suitable for the future, we collaborated closely with the building contractors, the architectural team, and the educational representatives. Along with concentrating on the school’s electrical system, we erected complete lighting systems for the playground and the nearby streets.

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Shoreham Academy

Client: Balfour Beatty

Contract Value: £715,000

This brand-new academy included three school buildings, a sports arena, and a theatre connected by a central atrium.

ROC was asked to install the electrical infrastructure throughout the new building, with a specific focus on LV switch panels and cabling, containment systems, and general lighting and power throughout.

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Shoreham-Academy - electrical contract