Healthcare and Science

M&E Contractors for healthcare and science

Recognising the complexity of scientific and healthcare settings

At ROCMEP, we understand the challenges that can occur in clinical labs, operating rooms, and healthcare facilities.

In order to plan, design, build, and operate healthcare facilities for NHS trusts and private healthcare providers around the UK, we focus heavily on what matters for patients and service-users.

We create technical foundations that enable clients to use cutting-edge technology in ways that push the boundaries of what is possible. With the proper infrastructure, clients can immediately improve patient outcomes, support research initiatives, and improve the working environment for their personnel.

We have delivered projects in acute, mental health and community settings, and recently we worked alongside SES at The Pirbright Institute in Surrey and Crown House Technologies as part of the £485 million development of the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

We are well aware of the financial challenges of the scientific and healthcare industries.

Still, our major focus will always be on our aim to develop sustainable and environmentally responsible surroundings.

With energy-efficient solutions in place, significant and long-lasting cost savings can be made.

Working in live environments

Much of our work takes place in live environments where our clients need to continue delivering healthcare services throughout the duration of our refurbishment or installation.

Our people-centric approach to our projects allows us to collaborate with all stakeholders, including healthcare staff so we can identify what challenges may arise when working in a live environment. Through effective and inclusive communication that listens to everyone’s opinions, we can pull together stringent contingency plans that minimise disruption or impact to any healthcare professionals, patients, or service users.

Our planning processes will consider all operational needs and we will ensure that our procedures will complement any management systems and safeguarding policies.

With a meticulous approach to planning, we can expedite installation timeframes and deliver exceptional value for money.

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Brighton 3Ts Hospital

Client: Crown House Technologies

Contract Value: £5,300,000

CHT contracted ROCMEP to deliver electrical works at the £485 million redevelopment of Royal Sussex County Hospital.

We installed new lighting systems and small power and containment work during the project. We also installed LV distribution across ten floors and conducted thorough testing and commissioning of the entire electrical installation.



Institute of Animal Health Pirbright

Client: SES

Contract Value: £1,200,000

This was an exciting project to work on. The project’s goal was to establish Pirbright as a top-tier international hub for veterinary virology.

SES hired us to upgrade the two existing buildings’ electrical infrastructure and establish a new electrical system in the new main laboratory building, gatehouse, and energy centre.

Through our positive working partnerships with SES and officials from the Institute, we gained a thorough grasp of what innovative solutions they required to highlight and bolster their reputation as a world-class organisation. This understanding allowed us to design a bespoke M&E solution that perfectly matched their needs.