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Henry’s Work Experience

We recently had Henry join us for a 1 Week Work Experience Placement.  Henry is currently studying his A-Levels and proactively approached ROC for this opportunity so he can gain experience of the working world.

ROC were thrilled to accept Henrys request.  We know that all experience is vital, especially to young people who are making the transition from education into working life.  It allows the individuals to gain first-hand experience of the workplace, develop confidence and help them make informed career choices.

We, as employers, can also learn from this experience: young people can provide new ways of thinking and offer a fresh perspective to our business.

Carry on reading to hear Henry’s feedback on his week with ROC.

“Today’s young people, tomorrows workforce”

“ROC provided me with an overview of the company by email before my arrival and gave me an overview of the business in the morning of my first day. This allowed me to understand the company values and environment from the get-go.

I was provided with a clear schedule at the start of the week, which was structured to allow me to have an overview of various departments and to get involved in real-life tasks.  I was also able to go to one of the major projects (Brighton 3Ts Hospital) to experience on site job roles. I was able to get an excellent understanding of a wide range of job roles within ROC, making the week very interesting, informative and exciting.

I enjoyed being able to get an experience of all departments whilst feeling like I was part of the team. Every person at ROC made me feel welcomed and even invited me out with them in their lunch breaks. I was also fortunate enough to meet all three directors, who were also extremely friendly.

Thank you so much for a great week! It has helped me out a lot, as I am able to leave with a clearer idea of what I would like to do and how to get there.”

Henry Kear – Work Experience – September 2021


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